Free publishing journals of ICEST2022

ALL ACCEPTED PAPERS will be published (FREE) in the following  Journals with Print and  Online ISSN numbers and the selected papers will be published in SCOPUS indexed Journals with extra fees.

  1. International Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies in Architecture and Cultural Heritage, Print ISSN: 2735-4407 Online ISSN: 2735-4415
  2. Advanced Engineering Technology and Application, Print ISSN: 2090-9535 Online ISSN: 2090-9543
  3. International Journal of Advanced Research on Planning and Sustainable Development, Print ISSN: 2735-539X Online ISSN: 2735-5403
  4. International Journal of Artificial Intelligence and Emerging Technology, Print ISSN: 2735-4792 Online ISSN: 2735-4806
  5. International Journal of Architectural Engineering and Urban Research, Print ISSN: 2785-9665 Online ISSN: 2785-9673
  6. International Journal of Advanced Scientific Research and Innovation, Print ISSN: 2785-9533 Online ISSN: 2785-9541

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